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The new MK6 was introduced in 2009. Featuring H7 bulbs installed from the factory, this vehicle does require HID adapters. We sell those below. You need to buy the HID adapters with your purchse of any of our HID kits. It’s the newly model that was established to replace the Volkswagen golf mk5 by Volkswagen company. It’s a compatible car with a body style of 3 to 5 hatchback. It’s a very good car to cater for your small family. It’s equipped with standard air bags to ensure that you are safe any time you are using this vehicle. Its driven on a four wheel drive thus makes it efficient to the user. Its price is a great deal. Volkswagen golf mk6 hid kit; having invested your money in this car its your high time to take precaution on how to keep it safe, this can be achieved by installing a Hid kit in your car since its capable of improving your nighttime visibility instantly and making you feel confident behind the wheel. Its light is much brighter as compared to the one that is produced by the halogen lamps hence many people going for it.