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Why limit your vehicle to certain road conditions when you can enjoy full time and full season gliding delight by just making a cheap and reliable Porsche Panamera HID kit upgrade. The headlight provides three times more light than normal factory lights. One thing you must know about the factory lights is that they are not very effective in harsh weather conditions such as fog, so you need a powerful lighting that can penetrate the mists that may interfere with your driving. Besides, the kit is cheap and can take less than thirty minutes to install. Once installed, you are sure to improve your night vision by three times for the next one year. The functionality is proven to be 100 percent reliable in all Porsche Panamera vehicles and does not need further upgrades to fit. Just browse through the huge collection of HID kits that are available in the custom stores and fix it. I believe with this install it will beat all other vehicles in terms of performance on the road, especially at night. 2010+ Models use D1S Bulbs from the factory if equipped with HID. Otherwise they use H7 bulbs.