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Trans Am HID Kit for your sealed beam headlights. You can upgrade your Pontiac Trans Am with HID even if you do have sealed beam with an aftermarket headlight. Years 1998-2002 will require the special headlights sold below before you can change the bulb. The Pontiac Trans Am is a well known American muscle car that was discontinued in the early millennium. The car was fast, loud, and engine upgrades allowed it to compete with faster stock cars like the Chevrolet Corvette. Its distinct model design was well received from fans, but its sales were not high enough for the company to continue its production. The flip lights were bright halogens that were only visible at night. HID kits can be used to upgrade the Pontiac Trans Am headlights to provide xenon gas light bulbs. The upgrade gives the driver better visibility and brings a unique colored beam to the car’s style.