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The Fleetwood has been around for generations and has proved it self to be a worthy family vehicle. HID upgrades are available for this vehicle and are considered a complete plug and play with no wire cutting or splicing. Fleetwood HID Kit 91-97 at the best prices. We carry Fleetwood HID Kit 91-97 in stock ready to ship. Fleetwood HID Kit 91-97 are custom for your vehicle. Cadillac fleet wood is a high performance car that uses 5.8 v8 engines to generate its power. It is well equipped with good standard features like the frame suspension that help in weight distribution for any load onboard. Your onboard passengers are able to travel in maximum comfort to good interior features like air conditioners and heated leather seats, which provide favorable environment. It is a fast car with good road stability and reliable performance. Cadillac Fleetwood hid kit is meant to enhance your road visibility which will help you drive with ease without straining. The car head lamps installed to provide light also enhance the exterior appearance of your car making it more presentable and attractive; therefore apart from light provision the lights make your car more appealing. The halogen lights are so comfortable to the human eye that’s why you should have your car installed with the hid lights since have they no effects.