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El Camino HID lights are easy to install. You will need open beam headlights. Chevrolet el Camino has been derived from a Spanish name which stands for road, this signifies this car is the best when it comes to road, it has great speed and not forgetting it a high performance .it was manufactured by general motors, and first models year being 1959 and 1960. It is a two door coupe. It is long and wide in shape and has a cargo space just behind the passengers’ seats. It provides comfortable driving and therefore a very luxurious car. You can save life by the use of Chevrolet Camino hid kit which has been approved and recommended for driving during the night and on rainy days when you can hardly see anything. Many accidents usually takes place as a result of poor vision but by use of this hid bulbs the accidents has reduced by 40% .they are very powerful in brightness and halogen lights can not be compared with it.