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tC HID KIT is one of the products from the scion automotive company, an extension of the Toyota Company. The company is a great consumer, and it’s with no doubt that this product is one of the most amazing products and much more fit each and every model. tC HID Kit is designed in a way that it provides a plug and play function, what makes it even more amazing is its ability to increase night visibility and safety as well. Basically, the tC HID kit provides a provides a more brighter look than the traditional halogen bulbs, in fact, it has a longer life span compared to the other kits. When it comes to automotive lighting the tC HID, proves to be one of the best lighting for your car. The xenon has a great xenon upgrade. What is more interesting is that the kits comes in friendly prices, you will be needed to part away with a little amount from your pocket, to own one.