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Sierra is a nice looking car and it needs lighting system to portray its image. The Sierra hid kit uses xenon lights which produce very bright lights which makes this lighting system best for your vehicle. We offer different models of light bulbs ranging from 30000k, 10000k, 8000k to 6000k along with that we offer the digital slim ballasts which efficiently utilizes your vehicles energy and the wire harness offers complete safety to your vehicles electronics Sierra hid kit provides three times more light to your vehicle on the road especially when it is dark and raining which makes you able to see well and avoid accidents, all the HID kits are manufactured under strict quality control that enable your bulbs to stay for a longer time without replacing it. Buy Sierra hid kit and you will see the difference with other lights and when you buy it you are given a one year warrant where your bulbs can be replaced for that period of one year without paying for it. The GMC Sierra from 1992-2004 has always used 9006 bulbs for the low beam. The installation is an easy 3 step process and all our products has an installation guide to walk you through the procedure.