EX HID KIT (10)

    Order your very own high quality EX HID kit today for your infinity and really get what you've been needing. With this quality kit you can expect only the highest results and boosts in your car. These light kits are guaranteed to please, with no exceptions what so ever. These are only made of these best materials and are definitely going to light the way for your infinity whenever the next time is that you may encounter a rather dark situation, guaranteed ! So what are you waiting for ? Make the change now before it's too late.
  • FX HID KIT 06-UP

    FX HID KIT 06-UP (10)

    Get yourself a pair of FX HID Kit 06-UP now to get the best quality lighting from your headlights on your car now ! Having an Infiniti can be a lot of responsibility, so make sure you at least keep giving it the sources it needs, like these quality HID lights today ! With these lights you can expect anything and everything in a dark scenario to be amplified, no matter what. If quality is what you want, then these are by far the lights for you. Don't wait too long, this great offer will only last so long !
  • G20 HID KIT 91-96

    G20 HID KIT 91-96 (10)

    Get the most out of your Infinity with providing it these high performance G20 HID 1991-1996 lights. HID lights are powerful and dependable, two of the few most important qualities in car products. The installation is quick and easy, and so is the purchase process. Plus, if you'd like you can even specify a sooner delivery date for your order with just a payment of a few extra dollars. Thing is, our prices are so great that we're very confident that you'll have more than enough money saved already to do so !
  • G20 HID KIT 99-02

    G20 HID KIT 99-02 (10)

    Just go ahead and install one of these quality G20 HID Kit 99-02's in your Infiniti now and see the amazing difference instantly with little to no hassle ! These lights were built to perfection and to only totally meet your satisfaction upon complete and simple installation ! Why settle for less when you could get the best here with us ? We have a great reputation with service and intend to keep it that way. No need to search elsewhere as this Kit is also the best priced and includes a generous warranty upon further research.
  • G25 HID KIT

    G25 HID KIT (10)

    Find parts for your Infiniti G25 such as bulbs, ballasts, HID kits and more. Infinity Company is gradually expanding and it has now introduced its new model the Infinity G25.It’s a bit luxurious car that is fitted with leather seats that are adjustable. Its equipped by a 2.5 liter v6 engine generates the power of 218 kW that is utilized by this infinity. The fuel consumption of this vehicle is very economical compared to others in the same class hence a preference all round the world. If you are planning to purchase one go for this, it’s very affordable. Infinity g25 hid kit; The installation of this kit in this car has really upgraded its lighting system. With the existence of hid light which is capable of producing better light intensity and lower power consumption the drive is now feeling very comfortable while driving especially during the night or when it’s raining. This hid light kit is made in such a way that it will fit your car so there is no call for alarm on how to fix them.
  • G35 HID KIT

    G35 HID KIT (10)

    Obtain your very own G35 HID kit now and see the performance it has immediately. This kit is ready to go and serve your Infiniti. A great thing about this product is that it is also very easy to install and doesn't take more than 15 minutes to do so either. See the great difference with this new product within the first hour of the lights all warmed up and ready to go. These lights are custom built for your car and ready to be put in as soon as you are ! Don't miss out
  • G37 HID KIT

    G37 HID KIT (10)

    With the new G37 HID kit you can expect only the greatest innovations. With these lights in your Infiniti you can expect a full velocity of new opportunities as well as only the greatest views while driving at night now. Make sure that you take the most competitive pair of lights out there for this vehicle, the G37's today ! A great quality of this item is that it also saves 30 percent more than other light systems for your vehicle. This being quite the benefit, especially now a days with how prices are. No one wants to frequently buy a new car battery.
  • I30 HID KIT

    I30 HID KIT (10)

    Buy I30 HID Kit in various color temperatures. Or buy I30 HID Kit parts for your headlights. Be sure to get your Infiniti an I30 HID kit today to take care of it the way you should be taking care of it! Your car always keeps you safe and in good shape, so be sure to now keep it in good shape too with this great new light kit. Returning the favor is something essential to do, so what are you waiting for ? This light kit will definitely give your car an entire new potential, plus tons more of other great qualities ! Be sure to also ask about our special warranty offers !
  • I35 HID KIT

    I35 HID KIT (10)

    With this I35 HID kit you are ensured to get quite the lit up car for any of your dark needs during the night, in a random tunnel, or just in dark places in general. Don't hesitate make a great choice and purchase yourself a kit now ! We only offer the best products for the best prices. This is a must for anyone who is looking to seriously take care of their Infinity, and at least give it the minimum that it requires. All of our products are very legitimate and guaranteed to please !
  • J30 HID KIT 93-97

    J30 HID KIT 93-97 (10)

    J30 HID Kit 93-97 at the best prices. We carry J30 HID Kit 93-97 instock ready to ship. J30 HID Kit 93-97 are custom for your vehicle.A J30 HID kit 93-97 is a great addition to your 93-97 as it's for the best price and even comes with a quality warranty. Something a lot of products just don't seem to have anymore. This product is always ready to immediately ship and is definitely right on the nose for anyone who is serious about driving safe. This is definitely perfect for someone t consider who values their life.Be sure to also consider the endless Customer Service you could get from us today just for purchasing this quality, but less expensive product !
  • M30 HID KIT

    M30 HID KIT (10)

    If your Infiniti M30 does not have the factory built HID kit as an OEM upgrade, you do not have to worry because the precise light machines can be easily and cheaply bought at our stores online and offline. We know that you would like to have an illumination that is great and powerful and that is the reason why we are selling these gargets to you so that you make you car more posh and cool with the installation of the HID kits. We will only give you what you want and has described perfectly than just throwing kits your way an d you do not know how to use them. The kits come with easy to plug systems and wirings necessary. The light that these kits give is very familiar to human and especially the driver’s eyes and instead of straining like most do due to their halogen filled lights, this xenon filled lights will be easy at your eyes and you will enjoy your drive.
  • M35 M45 HID KIT

    M35 M45 HID KIT (10)

    M35 and M45 HID Kit for replacement bulbs and ballasts. Upgrade your factory non-HID M35 with xenon HID kit from If you have a factory HID system, replace your bulbs with more blue color or even purple. Make sure that you don't wait now, order yourself and your perfect little Infiniti something to never forget, a M35 M45 HID kit. So, what are you waiting for ! This replacement kit for bulbs and ballasts is very unique, but also very less complicated to use. With such a user friendly and fast kit what more could you ask for this day in age? Why settle for so much more when you could get the same quality, if not better, right on over here. Be sure to take the first step today in improving your Infiniti and wait no longer !
  • M37 HID KIT

    M37 HID KIT (10)

    New for 2011, the M37 comes with xenon from the factory. If your model has fog lights, consider upgrading that or the interior with LED lights. Infiniti is a fabulous car with a 4.5 liter engine. Discover the beauty of this sedan in its interior. It is an exotic car with a fine exterior made from strong and firm aluminum. It is economical in fuel consumption enabling you save a few coins. Infiniti M37 HID kit basically discharges high intensity lighting that will give you more road coverage for loner hours. It is a unique kit that contains efficient and reliable HID headlights that reflect brighter and brilliant light. Your visibility as you cruise through the darkest night will be clearer and better with this fantastic product. You will love the backlights that allow you to easily park and reverse your car during the stormy weather. HID kit also comes with a conversion kit that will help you upgrade your vehicles lighting system. It is important to make the highway a safer place to drive by purchasing this marvelous product that will enable you see the oncoming traffic and pedestrians. The quality HID bulbs are manufactured with strong material that can withstand daily driving. It comes in different designs that will definitely complement your model.
  • Q45 HID KIT 90-96

    Q45 HID KIT 90-96 (10)

    Q45 HID Kit 90-96 at the best prices. We carry Q45 HID Kit 90-96 instock ready to ship. Q45 HID Kit 90-96 are custom for your vehicle.Our Q45 HID Kit 90-96 kit is quite the steal since it's a very quality set of lights. Rest assured you'll be able to shine light on any kind of problem with this beautiful set of lights as soon as you pop them on into your car upon installation, which by the way is also very easy and user friendly. An amazing thing on that topic is that you supposedly can even install the lights with just a basic pair of pliers. Don't miss out on a one of a kind opportunity, order yours today !

    QX HID KIT (10)

    Nissan QX HID Kit for upgrading your headlights. No matter if you have a QX-4 or QX-56 we have the right parts for you. Do you need a pair of QX HID kits for your Infiniti but are not sure if this is the place for you ? Rest assured, it is ! We will only provide the highest quality of products and original content, but wonderful customer service is also a great service that comes along with us ! If there is one place you'll want these lights it's definitely at the front of your car for one of those cold, dark nights. Another great time to take advantage of these lights are when you're trapped going ridiculously slow due to the fog.

Infinity HID Kits are installed on most infinities from the factory as an OEM upgrade. These HID Kits allow the Infinity drivers to observe the road when night driving in a new light. It allows for better lighting, and allows for better range of vision. Infinity Xenon Kit have a longer and wider range of vision. They are about 4 times brighter than the halogen bulbs. They also illuminate the road with a type of lighting that mimics the sun. This is easier and more familiar for the human eye. Infinity HID Kit use a Xenon filled bulb, which uses electrical current to illuminate the road. The hid Kit come with Two xenon bulbs, and two ballasts, it also comes with the necessary wiring plugs that you would need to make this a complete plug and play system. Infiniti HID Kit and Infiniti Xenon Kit at the best prices. Get your infiniti HID Kit from our large selection of parts.