We offer HID upgrades for all Eagle Summit models. These Summit HID kit upgrades are state of the art and carry a 1 year hassle free warranty. This vehicle was introduced as a family car which makes the lighting upgrade for this vehicle a necessity as these vehicle goes off on long family trips and daily travelling, so they need a clear vision ahead of them which is only possible with the HID kit. We provide the highest quality in xenon upgrades for this vehicle and you are sure to find a product for your vehicle as we have a huge variety to choose from the HID kits range from 6000K to 30000K, Bi-Xenon Kits along with Digital slim ballasts, Philips Xenon bulbs and wire harness for the best quality and reliable lighting over the years. With this upgrade you will never need to replace your car lights as they will outlast your vehicle, this is the specialty of these lights. We know you are tired of your old yellowish hazy headlight, that is why it’s time to step into the xenon lighting experience. This is now easy just buy these HID upgrades here and we will deliver it to your doorstep. Upgrading the headlights on your Summit is a smart move.

    TALON HID KIT (10)

    So your car didn't come with HID's? No problem at all. We have Talon HID Kit 95-96 at the best prices. You are at the right place at the right time as Talon HID Kit are priced just right for your Talon. Your Talon HID kit will be delivered within 24 to 48 hours as we believe in total customer satisfaction. We provide a one year warranty with all our HID kits. Talon HID kit 95-96 is in stock and ready to ship. We offer all kinds of HID upgrades for your Talon the range goes from 6000K to 30000K kits, along with this we offer quality accessories to complete your upgrade from the low quality halogen lighting to the true HID lighting. These accessories include the slim digital ballast of the efficient delivery of current to your headlights and the newest offering is the world class Philips HID kits. All this now just a click away and the installation is very easy it’s a 3 step process and all our products have an installation guide to walk you through the process. Talon HID Kit 95-96 are custom for your vehicle and will give you 3x of light output.


    We carry custom Eagle Vision HID kit and parts for you. Eagle has a rich history of manufacturing some of the best vehicles over the years. But having a quality car without an excellent lighting system is not acceptable. Choose from ballast, bulbs or complete Vision HID Kit. This is your chance you are at the right time and at right place we offer phenomenal prices for the HID kits. We have a great variety of products you just need to browse through them to select what best suits you. Our offering includes HID kits ranging from 6000K to 30000K and Bi Xenon headlight kits. Along with these kits we offer Digital Slim ballasts which controls the flow of current to the Xenon headlights to keep them safe in case of any short circuit. We also offer Philips Xenon Hid kits which are of high quality and reliability. Buy the HID kit and you will see the difference they come with a one year warrant which will enable you to replace the xenon lights within that period of a warrant without paying for it. This is the most energy efficient lighting technology available in the market.

Eagle HID Kit use xenon filled bulbs to allow for a much brighter and whiter lighting. Hid Kit are a new technology to the aftermarket, and OEM industry. Most car manufacturers are starting to offer the HID Kit as an OEM upgrade. Eagle HID Kit are also offered by a lot of aftermarket companies. They are designed to be a complete plug and play system for the all Eagle vehicles. Some of the models that are offered HID Kit are the Eagle Premier, Eagle Talon, Eagle Vision. Eagle HID Kit are designed with safety in mind for the Eagle drivers. The Kit allow for phenomenal night visibility. The range is longer and wider. Seeing oncoming obstacles is not a problem anymore, which gives the driver a better response time to avoid the road obstacle.