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With the Aviator HID Kit, the Philips HID bulbs are the best because they carry a very visually clear illumination with them. The Aviator HID Kit Kelvin pair of bulbs also put together by the much authorized Philips team is simply the best, without competition whatsoever. The incredible D2S bulbs on the other hand make a whole new difference because apart from shedding a brighter and stronger light, they are also easier and cheaper to replace. If you want that much coveted class mixed well with elegance, a mix of functionality and speed, then the Aviator HID Kit is the best tool to go for to achieve all this high quality standards. Without the bulbs and the headlamps, your car will inevitably fail in action and it will be difficult to return it to the high level it was, so get your Aviator HID xenon kit now while you still have the time.