Standard Kit vs Digital

What is the difference between the 3 types of kits we offer?


We understand there are many choices when it comes to choosing HID lighting for your vehicle. What is better, what is best? We know this can be confusing. At we only offer top quality kits using the best German technology along with the appropriate accessories for optimal performance and longevity.



AGT Standard Series

– Offers quality at a value. If you are looking for a basic kit to get lighting on your vehicle, this is for you. AGT standard kits use only AC ballast technology. Watch out for competitors selling kits cheap using DC type ballasts. DC type ballast will give you a flickering light no matter what you do because the components are very cheap. Uses AGT pro grade xenon bulbs for maximum light output and no flicker*.


AGT Slim Digital Series

– Using digital technology the ballast size has been reduced for easier installations. Generally, digital kits will be more durable than our standard kit, because there are less analog components inside. This is the ballast recommended for motorcycles and vehicles with tight spaces. Uses AGT pro grade xenon bulbs for maximum light output and no flicker*.




Philips Series

– Digital ballasts with CANBUS flickering technology. Instant turn on and backed by a 2 year warranty. These ballasts meet OEM ballast specs (what is used in high end vehicles) and perform the best in any situation. The ballasts feature a built-in slide out mount.
The bulbs are top notch with ultra long life, optimal beam pattern and clarity like OEM specs.



*Assuming flicker is not caused by the vehicles electrical system such as vehicles like Dodge, Jeep, BMW.