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Corvette HID Kit at the best prices. Chevy has only introduced the Xenon lighting upgrade on the C6 05-up. But that doesn’t mean that if they didn’t offer them that you can’t get them. Get your hands on a set of German engineering Xenon upgrade for you C6, C5 or any other open beam Vette. To increase your night driving safety, and give your headlights that exciting new look everyone is talking about. These new wizard hid kits have really conquered the automobile lighting in the industry off-late. It has coincided with latest xenon technology which has replaced the boring halogen light bulbs we have used for the last century. The xenon kits have brought back the command of the Chevrolet during darkness. The corvette hid kit is easily upgraded with new technologies most notably the C6 05-up. The drama that comes with the headlights is worth everyone to chew as xenon lights provide the answer to night questions. The following models of corvette kits are worth mentioning; the corvette hid kit D 1S hid bulb Philips, corvette hid kit D 1S/D 1R ballast, Corvette hid kit 30000K, corvette hid kit 10000K hid kit etc. try on the corvette hid kit light bulbs and notice the difference.