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HID Kit For Golf MKll 93-98 at the best prices. We carry Golf III HID Kit 93-98 instock ready to ship.HID Kit For Golf MKll 93-98 are custom for your vehicle. Volkswagen’s Golf generations have been continually popular throughout the years. Although its style has been redesigned throughout the years, the same Volkswagen promise has been included in all of its models. Golf MKIII has great gas mileage, and it can be driven on almost any type of road. It has been a popular model for college students since it has such an affordable price for so many options. Headlights in the Volkswagen Golf MKIII are perfect halogens that are a stylish meld of front bumper, hood, and glass lighting that can withstand the elements that can cause chips. Upgrading the headlights to HID xenon light bulbs can significantly increase visibility.