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The hid kits for A4 are made to fulfill your car’s lighting needs and ensure you have a safe journey home. The halogen light head kit has been replaced by the current xenon lights technology just for the speci9al Audi A4 machine. They too have fair prices which every lowest earner can afford. The A4 hid kit 96-01 light bulbs are available in wide ranges such as A4 hid kit 96-01 6000K, A4 hid kit 8000K, A4 hid kit 96-01 D2S hid kit bulbs higher K pair, A4 hid kit 96-01 hid kit wire relay harness and so on. All these hid kits of A4 provide the best lights for the car to roll home safely all but in the complete xenon kit

A4 HID Kit 96-01 at the best prices. We carry A4 HID Kit 96-01 in stock ready to ship. A4 HID Kit 96-01 are custom for your vehicle. The automotive lighting world is moving forward with the new xenon bulb technology. This technology is offered from us for the Audi A4. The installation is simple, and fast. Availability in stock. Come and purchase your next HID kit from us your satisfaction is guarantied.