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Find parts for your Infiniti G25 such as bulbs, ballasts, HID kits and more. Infinity Company is gradually expanding and it has now introduced its new model the Infinity G25.It’s a bit luxurious car that is fitted with leather seats that are adjustable. Its equipped by a 2.5 liter v6 engine generates the power of 218 kW that is utilized by this infinity. The fuel consumption of this vehicle is very economical compared to others in the same class hence a preference all round the world. If you are planning to purchase one go for this, it’s very affordable. Infinity g25 hid kit; The installation of this kit in this car has really upgraded its lighting system. With the existence of hid light which is capable of producing better light intensity and lower power consumption the drive is now feeling very comfortable while driving especially during the night or when it’s raining. This hid light kit is made in such a way that it will fit your car so there is no call for alarm on how to fix them.