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Tahoe HID Kit at competitive prices are in stock and ready to ship within 24hrs. We carry a large variety of xenon bulb sizes, and Kelvin numbers. If your interested in the purest of white. I would go with the 6000K Tahoe HID kit. Otherwise you can go with a 8000k, 10000k, or 30000k if you want to go with something bluer or more violet. We can upgrade your Tahoe’s low beams, high beams, fog lights. All your HID kits needs are here at www.carhidkits.com Tahoe HID kits are light bulbs with special features that makes it the best for your car. It provides 3 times more bulb light on the road than traditional halogen headlights and gives your car an exotic look. This Xenon kit is manufactured under strict quality control within an ISO certified factory. The ballast and the bulb in Tahoe HID kits have passed the most stringent OEM specific test by Toyota of Japan. All light bulbs come with a 12 month warranty. HID kits are 100% water proof. It color temperature output has a tolerance of +/- 100k resulting in tolerance to human eyes. Superior lumen output compare to Xenon lights competitive and best quality light bulbs from Japan. Xenon kits are also easier to install and most reliable.