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Land Rover Range Rover is the top of the line SUV from Land Rover. If you like luxury there is nothing like a Range Rover with custom aftermarket parts. This type of car is a large size four wheel sport utility car built on a light truck chassis; it is manufactured by the land rover in the United Kingdom. Four wheel drive means that all its four wheels are active with its engine placed in front of the vehicle passenger compartment. It has an electric tilt glass roof that makes it very executive. Unlike other land rovers, Land rover range rover has 4 doors and carries 5 passengers. This car being luxuriously manufactured you should not drive it without purchasing the hid kit; imagine driving a luxurious car with poor lighting system on either its headlights. The hid lights will just add you more class when you have cool bright lights with long life bulbs available in any of your color choice. The xenon light on this kit is made from gas unlike the old halogen lights. Installing hid kit to either your headlight is the easiest thing you could ever imagine.