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Find replacement D4 bulbs and ballasts for your Lexus LX 570. Lexus LX is a sports utility car that exhibits an incredible finishing and a luxurious interior that is adorned with comfortable leather seats. Lexus LX HID kit is one of the most high performance kit and is popular for beaming brighter reflections. With this one of a kind kit, you will be able to view on coming traffic, animals and pedestrians das you drive during the night. It is an effective kit that contained back lights that discharge high intensity lighting to allow you park easily. It also features a conversion kit that will largely upgrade your lighting system. Hid kit is very easy to install since it comes with a manual that guides you in a very simple language. Your vision will totally be changed by this quality product that assures you of safety as you cruise through the night in the stormy weather. It is must have HID kit that leaves your car looking fabulous.