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Caliber hid kit uses xenon lights which are very bright and can easily be replaced, the light bulbs enable you see through the night especially when it is raining. The hid kit has different quality models which are sold at a cheaper price they are; Harness, digital slim, 30000k, 10000k, 8000k and 6000k. They are all made in Germany and they last for many years because they are manufactured under strict quality control. The hid kit is 100% water proof and cannot be affected; replace your old bulb with caliber hid kit and you will notice the difference because they last for many years and when you buy the xenon kit you will be given a one year warrant. Please note, Dodge Caliber will require our 50W Relay harness with our standard AGT / Slim Kits. For the Philips and Bi-xenon Kit, it requires resistor to prevent flickering.