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Find S4 Parts such as HID for S4 Replacement bulbs and ballasts. Add HID to your fog lights. This is a car which will show high performance in all means. It is a compact car and very executive and cannot be compared by any other car. Audi s4 is well designed with luxury interiors with very beautiful seat and high quality made of leather. The car is powered by a 3.2liter inline 6 engine which transmits power to all the four wheels via transmission which is mounted at rear part of the engine inform of a transaxle. There is only one way you can make your Audi to drive you very safe during the night without the fear of anything, this is only possible when you install Audi s4 hid kit. This kit consist bulb which never burns or get damaged. It lights with power and can illuminate hundreds of feet ahead. The are very economical since they only use very small energy. They are readily available and very affordable.