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The Navajo HID Kit is the only solution to all your cars problems with the sometimes problematic lights. The kit with the 30000K HID kit is considered by many motor car experts to be both powerful and sharp focused. The kit is so water proof that even in the very rainy season, you need not fuss over any damages on the bulbs. The wiring is simplified to give both powerful illumination and an easier way out when in a bid to correct the wiring after minor complications. Within the Navajo HID Kit you will also get more bulbs option, over 16, to select at will and desirably so. The conversion kit is so solid and reliable you will not need to ask anywhere else for a conversion kit. The Navajo HID Kit is also very affordable with its headlamps having a less the 0.3% rate to ever fail. The lumen output is also spectacular comparable to no other seller of the xenon HID kit.