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HID Kit for A4 02-05 at the best prices. We carry A4 HID Kit 02-05 instock ready to ship. A4 HID Kit 02-05 are custom for your vehicle.. High Intensity Discharge lighting is a great upgrade, and a safety promoting tool for any driver. Some A4 models do come with HID upgrade, but if your does not, then its time to take that step and join the xenon lighting age. A4 hid kit 02-05 have brighter lights that is suitable for your vehicle, it uses xenon lights which are brighter and you can easily replace it. They have different models of bulbs like; Harness, digital slim, 30000k, 10000k, 8000k, 6000k and Dis. All of its bulb models offer more than three times lights on the road, this will enable you see through the night and especially when it is raining, they are all made in German and manufactured under strict quality control to make it last for many years. Buy A4 hid kit 02-05 and you will notice the difference with other ordinary bulbs. You can visit their website and see the services that the Audi company offers.