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You could have been disappointed several times by your factory produced headlights especially during night drives or during poor visibility, but with Toyota Sienna HID Headlights, an assurance of the best lights ever. There is no need to cause accidents again during misty seasons or moonless nights. The Toyota Sienna HID Kits are uniquely designed to give you the lights which are three times the lights produced by halogen headlights. The lights give different variety of light colors and they operate under 100% pug and play mode. The HID Kits are 100% water proof and whether submerged under water or rained on, will still give the maximum light it is built to give. The HID Ballasts have passed through the most rigorous test of OEM carried by Toyota. We offer all the best headlights for your and if no, we could have not given one year warranty on every purchase of HID headlights and HID Conversion Kits.