The Avengers aggressive and stylish design made it one of the most popular domestic vehicles made. And with the new age of xenon lighting, no you can take the look of the Avenger another step with a HID kit upgrade. Avenger HID Kit 95-00 at the best prices. We carry Avenger HID Kit 95-00 in stock ready to ship. Avenger HID Kit 95-00 are custom for your vehicle. Avenger hid kit have bright lights and it uses xenon lights which are brighter and they are easily replaceable. The hid kit has different bulb models that are of higher quality like; Harness, digital slim, 30000k, 10000k, 8000k and 6000k. Its xenon kit provides three times more light on the road and it enables you see through the night and especially when it is raining so that you cannot cause any accidents. The kit is made in Germany and they are manufactured under strict quality control so that it can last for many years. Buy Avenger hid kit and you will notice the difference with other light bulbs.


    Caliber hid kit uses xenon lights which are very bright and can easily be replaced, the light bulbs enable you see through the night especially when it is raining. The hid kit has different quality models which are sold at a cheaper price they are; Harness, digital slim, 30000k, 10000k, 8000k and 6000k. They are all made in Germany and they last for many years because they are manufactured under strict quality control. The hid kit is 100% water proof and cannot be affected; replace your old bulb with caliber hid kit and you will notice the difference because they last for many years and when you buy the xenon kit you will be given a one year warrant. Please note, Dodge Caliber will require our 50W Relay harness with our standard AGT / Slim Kits. For the Philips and Bi-xenon Kit, it requires resistor to prevent flickering.


    Caravan hid kit have bright lights and you will buy it at a cheaper price, it uses xenon lights which are brighter and you can easily replace it, it has different quality models of bulbs like; Harness, bi-xenon, digital slim, 30000k, 10000k, 8000k and 6000k. Caravan hid kit provides three more lights on the road and it enables you see through the night and avoid causing accidents, the hid kit is made in Germany and the light bulb last for many years without replacing it because they are manufactured under strict quality control. Buy Caravan hid kit and you will notice the difference with other ordinary hid kits.


    Challenger is one of the hottest new cars on the market today. Every one has been patiently waiting to see this new beast come back and tear the tar out. We are already offering Challenger HID Kit upgrades. Dont wait! Get your Challenger's headlights up to date with our xenon upgrades that give the headlights a more meaner and sefisticated look. These kits are instock and ready to ship. Dont be left in the dark, drive into the light with xenon lighting upgrades. Challenger hid kit have brighter lights and it is installed using xenon lights which are brighter and can easily be replaced, you will find the hid kit at a cheaper price and you are given a one year warrant so that you can be bale to replace your bulbs within a one year period without paying for it. Challenger hid kit has different quality models of bulbs like; Harness, digital slim, 30000k, 10000k, 8000k and 6000k, all this models provide three times more light on the road and it enables you see through the night and avoid causing accidents. Replace your old bulbs with challenger hid kit and you will notice the difference.


    Dodoge Charger has been one of the more popular muscle cars back in the 1960s. It is an American Icon, and that is why a lot of customers were very pleased when Dodge came back with the vehicle back in 2006. That is why we introduce for all of you charger enthusiasts the Charger HID kit at the best prices. We carry Charger HID Kit 06-UP in stock ready to ship. Charger HID Kit 06-UP are custom for your vehicle. Charger HID Kit 06-UP at the best prices. Charger hid kit have bright light bulbs that will enable you see through the night, they use xenon lights which are very bright compared to other ordinary bulbs and they are easy to replace them. Charger hid kit has different quality bulb models like; Harness, problem eliminator, digital slim, 30000k, 10000k, 8000k and 6000k, all of this models produces more than three times light on the road and they are good because you are given a one year warrant where you can replace your bulb within a one year period of the warrant and not pay for it. Buy charger hid kit and you will notice the difference with your older bulb.


    We offer custom lighting products for your Dodge Coronet.


    The most notable and striking thing about Dakota hid kit is its ability to withstand tough conditions and give out the required service to your vehicle the HID kits are made by the use of new technology giving it the power to perform better. The traditional halogen headlight kit is an omission and it has been replaced by the xenon kits which have served people well. The light bulbs are therefore enhanced to give maximum xenon lights to allow you see clearly in the dark. Without mincing words, Durango hid kit provides great varieties like Dakota hid kit open beam headlights 1987-1990, Dakota hid kit 8000K, Dakota hid kit 6000K, Dakota hid kit 8000K and other unique varieties.

    DART HID KIT (10)

    We offer headlights and HID upgrades for your Dodge Dart.

    DEMON HID KIT (10)

    The Demon is a sporty car, which makes it even more precious and worth looking car which makes it the best candidate for an HID upgrade. Many a times these kinds of cars come with factory HID Kit, but if you do not have HID. We recommend you get your hands on our HID kit and make your Demon stand out of the competition. We offer a huge range of HID kits for you vehicle. We also offer 6000k to 30000K HID kits and besides it we offer the Digital Slim ballast for you HID kits it’s the most advance and sophisticated ballast in the market to make the most efficient use of your cars energy. We also have in stock the Philips Xenon HID kits which is the World leader in manufacturing some of the best HID kits. If your Demon came with an HID system from factory, then all you need is replacement bulbs if you are looking for a BLUER or Purple Look. We have the Demon HID Kits at the best prices. The entire Demon HID Kits are in stock ready to ship in 24 to 48 hours to your destination.


    The Durango hid kit has caused a stir in the lighting scene. Its 98-03 model stands out of the rest with its custom effect on the vehicle that lasts for a lifetime. The HID kit system of the Durango is unique in a sense that light bulbs of halogen kits have been replaced by a makeshift of new xenon kits which eventually give out the cherish xenon lights. It’s wonderful to see the Durango hid kit perform the magical acts during the nights where most hid kits have failed. It comes in clinical ranges of Durango hid kit 6000K, Durango hid kit 8000k, Durango hid kit 10000K, Durango hid kit Bi-Xenon etc. they satisfy the need your needs in the tropical nights and other dark parts of the globe.


    The most recent Intrepid generation spanned model years 98-2004. This vehicle continued on the cabin-forward theme of its predecessor, but offered styling that was more sleeker and almost coupe like. Intrepid HID Kit 98-04 at the best prices. We carry Intrepid HID Kit 98-04 instock ready to ship. Intrepid HID Kit 98-04 are custom for your vehicle. This is the latest generation of intrepid make of 98-2004 that has provided the stylish lighting magic for the vehicle. The intrepid models of the hid kits are designed specifically to offer cheap prices for consumers with the intrepid hid kit 98-04 being the first catch you will admire most. Its extra ordinary design which has utilized the new xenon kit provides the required xenon lights to enable your car meet the challenges of tough terrains a cross the world. Its models and varieties comprise the intrepid hid kit 6000K, intrepid hid kit 8000k, intrepid hid kit 30000K and lots of others available in the market. These HID kits provide what other light bulbs have not over the ages.


    These head kits are the best upgrade you have got for that dodge car’s head lights. The hid kit gives the car maximum light which is relatively brighter than the usual halogen powered light kits. The new xenon kit gives out what you have been craving for during the darkness and the xenon lights emitted is just powerful. The nature of the light bulbs is a great discovery which will not die any time soon. Its varieties include the journey hid kit 6000K, journey hid kit 8000K, journey hid kit 10000K, journey hid kit 30000K and the journey hid kit digital hid slim ballasts. They are blended to perfection just for that lovely dodge car.


    If you love your Dodge Magnum, enjoy driving it and simply want to improve it, we recommend you look no further than an HID upgrade. Though the Magnum hasn’t initiated a new wave of wagons, it certainly has had the biggest impact. In terms of looks, power and utility, there's nothing else quite like a Magnum. For automotive shoppers looking for wagons or just desiring an SUV alternative, it’s the strongest contender. The best upgrade that you can give to your magnum is this HID kit, because it has all that it takes to make your car more enjoyable to drive. With the great looks, power and utility you cannot compare it with any other bulbs. The magnum hid kit relay will help you solve many other problems apart from making your car stand out from the rest. It will help display a headlight warning when illuminated and is fixed with auto on systems where you are experiencing trouble with the lights especially in cold weather. This HID kit is also easy to connect to your car and the wiring enables you to get power directly from the battery instead of using the connector.

    NEON HID KIT (10)

    This HID kit comes with the best prices that will not stain your pocket and they also come in a variety that will match whatever need your car may have, for example the BI-xenon HID kit have unique features as it comes with dual filaments inside and offer the best replacement for those cars that have only one bulb for their high and low beam. This product is specially made for those who require fully functional beams and color that is close to natural sunlight thus they are safer and clearer at night. They also have a five times longer lifespan than that of conventional light. In summary they come with everything that you need to make the conversion for your car.

    NITRO HID KIT (10)

    I’m sure you love your new Dodge Nitro. Its classy, cool and desiring some modifications! Nitro is smaller than the Durango and lends the basic design to the jeep Liberty. Its true this vehicle may not be as unique as you may wish, but one thing you can do is adding an HID upgrade to improve the looks and utility of your new vehicle. A simple HID upgrade can be installed in as little as 30 minutes providing you substantial light! The new nitro hid kit is made with cool and classy touches to give the head kit a soothing feeling and rare modifications. Its relatives smaller and can accept any kind of upgrades than most hid kits. The kits upgrade and replacement can last for only 30 minutes hence saving your time and energy. The nitro hid kit has the ability to produce substantial light due to the presence of new xenon lights which replaced the halogen head light kits. The nitro hid kit provides the following varieties to the buyer; hid kit 8000K, hid kit 10000K, hid kit 30000K, digital hid kid slim ballasts and much more wonder xenon kits.


    The Dodge Ram is a symbol of Dodge: Power, Heavy Duty and Rugged. If you love your Ram as much as we do ours, we recommend you upgrade its headlights! Upgrade your headlights with Xenon kits as shown below. Each kit will come ready to install, specific to your model. Just tell us the Year/Make/Model of your vehicle and you can be assured to get the kit to fit your headlights. HID for your Ram truck are easy to install! If you need to replace or upgrade your ram truck’s lighting then these xenon kits are just meant for you. They are a symbol of power and long life that your truck requires and the kits come specifically to suit your model and are easy to install. Different models are also available to suit the different requirements that every truck may have. They will also help you solve different problems especially using the TWO hid problem eliminator plugs that corrects the problem of annoying bulbs by smoothing out the voltage and provides constant power to the hid kit conversionkit thus eliminating the flickering lights. This is a solution for those who wish to get over the problem caused by the aftermarket hid kits so you can finally take a deep sigh of relief.


    Buy replacement bulbs or complete HID kits for your Dodge Sprinter. We carry Sprinter HID Kit instock ready to ship. Sprinter hid kit offers various models that gives your car a vast number of options to choose from incase you want to replace the headlights of your sprinter. the brand new D1S/D1R HID ballast offers a unique replacement for vehicles with similar style ballast and it has great features such as ultra slim35w 12v, water proof and shock proof etc that gives you value for your money. What’s more is that these kind of hid kits are cheap and affordable for any car user to purchase and the xenon hid kit provides your vehicle with over three times more light in the road than the halogen bulbs and it also gives your car that exotic look When it comes to quality you don’t need to question because these hid kits have gone through the stringent tests by all leading car manufacturers and they come with a one year warranty. so you need to look no further.


    Dodge went directly into the high performance arena with its own version of the new Japanese 2+2 sport coupe vehicle. This vehicle called 3000GT in Mitsubishi form, the platform was based on that used by the Mitsubishi Eclipse/Eagle Talon models. All of them shared the same wheelbase, but the Stealth and 3000GT bodies measured 10 inches longer overall and 6 inches wider. 4 Stealth models were offered, each with a driver-side airbag and 3.0-liter V6 engines. If you own a Dodge Stealth we recommend you upgrade with bright HID xenon lighting package from We offer unique and quality solution for your vehicle. Dodge models carry bright xenon stealth HID kit which provides excellent lighting together with quality bulbs which are made under strict quality control in a certified factory. the 10,000K HID kit for instance provide 3 times more light for your vehicle as compared to the halogen bulbs which prove a rather low beam of light for you. The fact that the xenon kit is 100% waterproof, provides you with an opportunity to submerge the entire kit in water and still have it function perfectly well. For headlights, stealth HID kit provide the best for both low and high beam headlights.


    Introduced in the 1990s, the Dodge Stratus was a replacement for the old and boxy Spirit. It was one of three sedans based on Chrysler platform, including the Plymouth Breeze and Chrysler Cirrus. Among these three vehicles, the Stratus was touted as the most sporty, and it took the role as the mid-size car in lineup of dodge. We highly recommend you upgrade your Stratus with an HID upgrade for your headlights to improve the look and brightness of your lighting system. Dodge stratus was basically a replacement of the old and boxy models. The stratus HID Kit is a perfect way of upgrading your headlights to improve on the look and brightness of your vehicle, it basically provides perfect lighting on the road and further provides your car with that exotic look. With more than 16 bulbs, its reliability is close to 100% when compared to the conversion kits that are currently o the market. as much as the kit seem to emit less light output, it in turn provides a more violet light than the other stratus HID Kits that are available in the market lately. With this kind of bulbs, you will gain extra visibility, and will also attract other drivers’ attention.

    VIPER HID KIT (10)

    The Dodge Viper is an ultimate sports car packing some punch. If your a Viper owner you love to modify cars! The Viper has endless possibilities, but one department which you can easily improve is the lighting system. The headlights on the Viper look good, but they do not perform as expected on the road. The addition of an HID kit can gain you substantial improvement. If you own a dodge viper, then viper HID Kit is the best for you to make great modifications for your vehicle. Viper HID Kit has endless possibilities for you, with great chances of improving on your lighting system more than anything else on your dodge model. Viper HID Kit further provides the best headlights for your vehicle though they may not perform perfectly well on the roads, it basically adds a notable improvement for your car. It is highly recommendable that these bulbs be fitted in pairs because discoloration might appear on both the life, older bulb and new one. Do this xenon replacement after every two years to ensure the finest lighting performance.

Dodge HID Kit are designed with the consumer in mind. They are designed in a way to assist the human eye in night time visibility. The HID bulb that is used in HID Kit illuminate the night in a way to mimic the light of the sun, which is easier on the eye. The xenon bulb also covers almost 75% of the road when night driving, with its longer and wider range. Dodge HID Kit are the best upgrade on the market when it comes to night lighting. If you are not satisfied with the amount of light emitting from your current headlights, and if sometimes it seems like you have to double check your light switch because you’re not sure if your light is on then its time for you to purchase one of these Kit. Dodge HID Kit are found on the market easily these days you can choose from different bulb sizing to fit your headlights, low beam or high beam, and also your fog lights. There are also many different color temp, which allow you to choose anything from a yellow color all the way up to a purple. Dodge vehicle models include the Neon, Caravan, Dakota, Durango, Stratus, Challenger, Caliber, Viper, Interpid, Nitro, Avenger and Stealth.