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Play a vital role in saving the environment by using our Buick Terraza HID lights for your car. Our HID lights are extremely eco friendly. Start using our HID lights and save the damage caused to the environment from inefficient use of energy by less technologically advanced lighting devices like halogen lamps used in almost all traditional headlights. HID lights are in fact more eco friendly by nature. Since HID lights produce more light from less power than halogen bulbs, the reduced power consumption helps in reducing fuel consumption. This results in lesser carbon dioxide emission per vehicle fitted with HID lighting. HID lights have a much longer lifespan as well. While the average service life of a typical halogen lamp is between 450 and 1000 hours, the average service life of a HID lamp is about 2000 hours. Thus HID lamps help you reduce costs in the long run. Buick Terraza HID Kit for your top quality luxury van. If your Buick does not come with upgraded xenon headlights its time to upgrade.