PORSCHE 911 HID KIT (10)

    Buy a Porsche 911 HID kit upgrade for your fog lights. Perhaps your headlights aren't even xenon , then we recommend an upgrade no matter if you have a 993, 996 or 997 911. No matter if you have a Carrera S, 4S, 4 or Turbo model we have the perfect lighting solution for your model. If you have xenon from factory on your 911, you also have the option to upgrade to higher kelvin bulbs such as 8000K or above. Why would you want to do this? Some like to get the better blue light output. 1995-1998 No HID From Factory 1999-2002 use D2S IF equiped with HID 2003-2008 use D1S IF equiped with HID 2010 use D2S

    PORSCHE 928 HID KIT (10)

    Add more value and excitement to your lavish and thrilling Porsche 928 car by upgrading it with a Porsche 928 xenon kit to buffer it from any breakdown or performance failure. With the xenon kit installed in your car’s system, you will enjoy safe and reliable drive through dark nights as well as foggy or rainy conditions that require more visibility. The kit’s light intensity is such powerful as to penetrate even through covering on the headlight. HID kits do not compromise the beauty of your car be it while they are on or when they are off. When off the look is stunning, on the other hand when lit it emits beams of different color temperatures that are cool to and appealing to the eye. Other benefits linked to HID kits include easy and guaranteed fitment, cheap purchasing prices, proven functionality and long lifespan. This is a must have upgrade for your car. There is really no reason for you to be hesitant about getting this one of a kind custom upgrade.

    PORSCHE 944 HID KIT (10)

    Do not sacrifice beauty for performance when you can have them both with a Porsche 944 xenon kits. The lights are appealing to the eye and will simply polish the look of your compact car. Besides, it will guarantee the car, its safety while on the roads during extreme weather conditions and during the dark nights. For instance, how can you see the car ahead or the big ice resting on the middle of the road during the dark and foggy nights, with the boring yellowish and weak old school lights. Its impossible; but thanks to the Porsche 944 lights that emit three times as powerful light as the halogen lights. HID kit’s beam is strong enough to cover 75 percent of the road. In addition, the light has the queer characteristic of scaring away dangerous animals off the roads. Get and install your xenon light upgrade for your Porsche 944 now and enjoy safe cruise.


    You own a Porsche Boxster. A great small sports car with fantastic handling. If you currently do not have xenon headlights we highly recommend an upgrade. Choose below the HID upgrade solution for your Boxster. The proto-type of the Porsche Boxster was first shown at the Detroit Auto Show in 1993. It was an instant hit. People immediately started putting money down at their Porsche dealers to acquire the Porsche.


    Buy and install a Porsche cayenne xenon kit for your car and enhance its safety on the road as well as maintaining its look. To get your product, simply browse for your desired product from the amazing selections available and make the order. You will be amazed at how easy you can install them. Once installed, it adjusts to the system instantly and sets your car ready for a safe drive. Good to note also is the durability of the product which is supreme and unsurpassed. HID kits are waterproof; a fact that makes it the reliable kit for both rainy and extreme weather conditions. Even in dusty environments, the lights are superb and cannot malfunction when covered with dust or mud. If there is any reason for you to evade this offer, then it might as well be personal. Move beyond personal issues and move with the road gurus of this age by cruising under a Porsche cayenne HID kit upgrade. It is time to say bye to halogen lights and embrace HID lights and receive the cheer ups. 2003-2010 Models and Up use D1S Bulbs if your vehicle was equipped with HID from factory.


    What is a Porsche Cayman HID Kit? Basically if your not familiar with xenon systems its a lighting upgrade for factory headlights which emits 3X more light than conventional halogen bulbs. Buying a Cayman headlight upgrade from us can allow you too view better at night and at the same time makes your car look newer. What makes Porsche Cayman cars so unique if not their looks that perfectly matches their color differences. Have you ever imagined how it will look like if you give your car an extra edge over other cars? Make your car look newer and more beautiful with a powerful Porsche Cayman HID kits upgrade. With outstanding visibility at nights and rainy road conditions, your car will be pleasurable to drive than ever. Guarantee your safety on the road, as well, by getting the easy to install and acquire upgrades. Choose from the myriad selection your choice headlight and be guaranteed beautiful and high intensity illumination on the road. You can choose your desired xenon kit color or temperature; but one thing stands; all the color and temperature available are beautiful, brighter by about three times when compared to the factory lights and are safely similar to the natural sunlight. Do not believe the words without experiencing the difference. Hurry and make this most needed upgrade and see true technology revealed in the lights. 2006-2008 Models use D1S Bulbs if equippedwith HID 2009-2010 Models use D2S Bulbs if equipped with HID Halogen Models use H7


    Why limit your vehicle to certain road conditions when you can enjoy full time and full season gliding delight by just making a cheap and reliable Porsche Panamera HID kit upgrade. The headlight provides three times more light than normal factory lights. One thing you must know about the factory lights is that they are not very effective in harsh weather conditions such as fog, so you need a powerful lighting that can penetrate the mists that may interfere with your driving. Besides, the kit is cheap and can take less than thirty minutes to install. Once installed, you are sure to improve your night vision by three times for the next one year. The functionality is proven to be 100 percent reliable in all Porsche Panamera vehicles and does not need further upgrades to fit. Just browse through the huge collection of HID kits that are available in the custom stores and fix it. I believe with this install it will beat all other vehicles in terms of performance on the road, especially at night. 2010+ Models use D1S Bulbs from the factory if equipped with HID. Otherwise they use H7 bulbs.

Porsche HID kits for your Porsche headlights. Get that custom bright xenon look on your Porsche 911, Boxster, Cayman or Cayenne. Many models including the 996, 993 and Boxsters do not come with HID systems from factory. We recommend upgrading your headlights with aftermarket HID upgrades. Simply select your model and view the variety of xenon kits for your vehicle. If your OEM HID lighting parts are not functioning, then we recommend you look in our ballasts and bulbs section.