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For those that truly have no idea why some cars with reflectors have HID- remember one FACT. Cars without projectors that have HID’s, actually have reflectors that were designed to operate with a “D2R” bulb which is a bulb that has a blacked-out portion of the glass to prevent glare, and in addition, the reflector was designed to handle the light in a more controlled way. An example of a car with a D2R based HID system is an older style Acura 3.2 circa 2001-2002 (that have pinkish Osram D2R bulbs) or first gen Infiniti G35’s (pre-projector style headlamps). Cars which have projectors use a different type of bulb known as the “D2S” that differ from D2R because they are in no way blacked-out on the glass portion of the bulb. They rely on the optics of the projector to control the spread of light instead, whereas the D2R relies primarily on the optics of the reflector (which is why those cars were designed for it). We offer Saturn Vue HID kits designed for your headlights. Vue is one of the Saturn models with a style. Vue HID kits are readily available for purchase, especially the Xenon HID kits. HID, which is short for High Intensity Discharge, is a type of light emitting device that produces bright light with the electrical discharge. Some of the advantages of HID lights include more brightness, usually up to three times brighter than halogen bulbs. In addition, HID kits are long lasting with a minimum lifespan of 5 years under normal conditions. Furthermore Xenon HID kits are specially made to use less power while producing a high intensity light beam. This makes them very economical.