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HID kit for 2006+, or factory replacement parts for the headlight xenon upgrade are available in our warehouse and are ready to ship within 24 to 48 hours. We carry the largest stock of RS4 xenon replacement parts in the industry, and we also back it up with warranties for each product. If you have any questions with deciding what you need to purchase please give us a call.

RS4 HID kit brings out the best replacement for headlight xenon bulbs, which comes in handy with warranties for each of their bulbs. The HID bulb Philips fit most vehicles, including the famous Audi models, which come in a large variety. RS4 HID Kit further provides you with a clearer appearance for your car, since it comes in quite an array of colors which makes your vehicle more unique. The replacement is such a simple task and doesn’t take you long before you have the bulbs fitted. Therefore you if you need an amazing lighting for your vehicle, then you should be thinking of embarking on the xenon HID bulbs, you will never regret having made a replacement.