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The CRX headlights use 9006 bulbs for the low beam and 9005 for the high beam. CRX HID Kit 88-91 at the best prices. We carry CRX HID Kit 88-91 instock ready to ship. CRX HID Kit 88-91 are custom for your vehicle. Your compact Honda will look great with HID lights installed! Yes, we know. They don’t make CRX’s since 1991! But what if you’d found out our offer for Xenon HID kits also includes your old Honda? Wouldn’t you want to bring your CRX up-to-date with the latest improvements? With custom designed headlights, you can take advantage of modern technology even on your old compact car, and not only it will look great, but with those new bulbs you’ll see the difference! Literally! Safety and car lighting specialists designed these custom bulbs, which are easy to use and come at a great pricing package! Check out our offer and you’ll surely find what you need!