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Lincoln Mark 8 HID Kit replacement system. If your Mark 8 has blown bulbs the only solution is a replacement kit from us. They do not make aftermarket bulbs to fit your stock xenon headlights. Its important to replace them with aftermarket HID bulbs. The HID-9500 found on the Mark 8 are no longer made. Ford has completely discontinued the HID-9500. The HID 9500 that the Lincoln Mark 8 uses are no longer available elsewhere, as Ford completely discontinued their production. If you need to replace your Mark 8’s blown bulbs or simply want to improve them we are your only option, as we offer you affordable top quality HID Kits to replace your old factory headlights! Upgrading is easier than ever and can be done by anyone: remove the hood, take out the old or blown headlight bulbs and replace them with the xenon ones! Our HID kit will improve your car in just minutes for a very affordable price!