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626 HID Kit 98-02 at the best prices. We carry 626 HID Kit 98-02 instock ready to ship. 626 HID Kit 98-02 are custom for your vehicle. The Mazda 626 comes with H4 bulbs from factory in 1998-2002. Check out our offer for Mazda 626 HID Kits, suitable for all models from 1998 to 2002. These Xenon HID Kits are an easy to install, affordable upgrade that will help your car benefit the latest technical solutions in the field of car lighting. Just remove the hood, take out the old factory headlight bulbs and install the new xenon HID Kit. It only takes minutes and the results will surely satisfy you, as this upgrade will not only boost the looks of your car but will also bring a new safety and efficiency standard you’ve always thrived for!