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GMC has never produced such a vehicle like the Terrain it’s a great off road and city vehicle. The Terrain is GMC’s smartest vehicle and offer many options to its user for upgrading. Terrain’s are very popular among the user to modify and HID kit is their first option to start. You can install HID kits on Terrain, along with high beam even if you do have HID lights from the factory. The stock headlights of Terrain are not up to the mark. What this means is, if your car didn’t come with good lighting technology then to have the xenon lights for your low and high beam, you need Terrain HID kits. We have the answer to all your questions. We offer a huge variety to choose from including 6000K to 30000K hid kits. Further to upgrade you lighting system we carry in stock Digital slim ballast the most advanced ones in market, a wire harness to replace the stock wire harness which are not custom made. The installation of the HID system is an easy 3 step process and it is made easier by our installation guide which is included in all our products.