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The Demon is a sporty car, which makes it even more precious and worth looking car which makes it the best candidate for an HID upgrade. Many a times these kinds of cars come with factory HID Kit, but if you do not have HID. We recommend you get your hands on our HID kit and make your Demon stand out of the competition. We offer a huge range of HID kits for you vehicle. We also offer 6000k to 30000K HID kits and besides it we offer the Digital Slim ballast for you HID kits it’s the most advance and sophisticated ballast in the market to make the most efficient use of your cars energy. We also have in stock the Philips Xenon HID kits which is the World leader in manufacturing some of the best HID kits. If your Demon came with an HID system from factory, then all you need is replacement bulbs if you are looking for a BLUER or Purple Look. We have the Demon HID Kits at the best prices. The entire Demon HID Kits are in stock ready to ship in 24 to 48 hours to your destination.