Defender HID Kit upgrade for those dim headlights. This vehicle is ment for offroading, bar-none. It is a heavy duty vehicle with power. It is a very fast moving car which you will prefer to use in covering longer distances and mountainously rugged grounds. Land Rover 563/Defender is the best car of your choice to use in driving if you want to explore the dangerous roads with plenty of pot holes. It has been redesigned in the latest technology from the Land Rover General Motors industry and it is installed with a very powerful engine system of 8.9 liters of fuel HID kit tool is a very fine functioning device has been mounted in these cars to help the drivers in minimizing the chances of prevalent accident any time as they normally drives on the road. There are HID headlamps which really assist this car driver in viewing clear position of other vehicles moving on the road, particularly during dark hours and it is installed with a very bright and wider coverage reflection HID corner lights.


    LandRover Discovery and Discovery II are one of the more popular Landrover models introduced to date. These vehicles have had up's and downs, but the new series is better than ever. If your Discovery headlights did not come with xenon HID package from factory, we recommend you upgrade that today with one from Land rover discovery is a middle sized sport utility vehicle built on light truck chassis and capable of driving on both off paved or gravel surface because of its large tires. It is manufactured by land rover in Britain since the year 1989. Its engine is placed in front of the vehicle passenger compartment with its all four wheels receiving force from the engine to control the car movement. This is the perfect car for you when you want to travel on poor roads. Since this car is capable of moving on any type of roads, it required hid kit because bad roads may also means bad street lighting and when you have the hid lights everything is perfect for you. Hid light will produce very bright light to enable you see where you are driving to. This is very useful when you want to avoid frequent accidents that might occur while you are driving. Hid kit bulbs are made under very cool temperatures that their chances of busting is rare.


    Freelander HID Kit is an easy upgrade for your headlights if your vehicle did not come with xenon from factory. Upgrade your Freelander HID Kit today with our simple easy to install kit. Land rover freelander is also a vehicle manufactured by the Land rover since 1997. It is a large sport utility car with a four cylinder engine. Its engine is also placed in front of the vehicle passenger compartment; it has a shared passenger volume with rear access via a third or fifth door. Its flexibility allows configurations that favor either passenger or cargo volume. It is a four wheel driver capable of passing through all types of terrains. Land rover freelander hid kit increases the beauty of your car; the hid kit contains the ballast, high quality xenon bulbs and the hid light. These xenon bulbs are very durable and can perform effectively under any temperature. The hid light in these kits can increase your car’s efficiency as you are able to view the road properly and move freely, hid kit is very useful for your headlights and their installation is very simple.

    LR2 HID KIT (10)

    LR2 HID Kit easy headlight upgrades from Choose your version and install in minutes. Our HID kits are simple and easy to use. Land rover is a beautiful compact crossover that is made with a unique design. The freelander comes with a spacious interior and a stronger chassis. It is swift with a powerful engine Land rover LR2 HID kit is a fabulous product that when effectively installed provides you with excellent lighting system. The HID headlights reflect high intensity lighting for better visibility. Your HID fog light not only improves the appearance of your vehicle but also enhance the lighting system of your vehicle. Your land rover HID kit is portable and easy to install since a highly informative manual is provided to guide you. It is a fantastic product that provides ample road coverage and crystal clear visibility in the thick and dark forest. It is a reliable and efficient source of light when driving during the stormy weather. It is produced with high technology, tested in the harshest conditions and proved to be durable and brilliant in its functions.

    LR3 HID KIT (10)

    If you have an Land Rover LR3 HID Kit then you can appreciate a HID upgrade from Car HID It is a two door middle sized sport utility car with off road capabilities produced by the Land rover. It has 4.4 liter engine, it has anti theft cage construction that is made of very strong steel to keep you safe and side impact beams. With its high performance, you still have a chance to buy it cheaply in the market. It is the best sport utility car made in very good condition. Land rover lr3 hid kit has a cornering break control in case you are driving on areas with a lot of corners had to handle. The hid kit of land rover lr3 is designed in such a way that it fits your car headlights or corner bulb lights, the hid light consume very little energy but has vey high light output for your car. Most accidents usually occur due to poor visibility and when you install hid kit to your land rover headlight, then you are automatically safe on the road, the light produced is such clear that you are able to see anything on the road.

    LR4 HID KIT (10)

    We offer parts for the LR4 Landrover such as HID replacement bulbs and LED lighting. Land rover lr4 is the newest car edition of all land rovers; it is also manufactured by the land rover. It is a very luxury sport utility vehicle with big wheels able to move on all terrains. It has 5.0-liter V8 engine. Since you might like driving on hilly terrains, this car has hill start assist and gradient acceleration control in case you are stuck. It also has very attractive leather seats and a leather steering wheel with very big cargo space to accommodate you. And when it’s rainy you have the rain sensitive wipers on your vehicle. Land rover lr3 hid kit contains all the materials you need for your headlights including the wiring and mounting hardware that you need when installing the kit. Thehid kit contains a pair of xenon bulbs should you need to replace your bulb with different color types, their long life system since they are made under favorable temperature to limit their chances of busting. It also has got warranty so you don’t worry should it develop a malfunction when you don’t have money.


    Land Rover Range Rover is the top of the line SUV from Land Rover. If you like luxury there is nothing like a Range Rover with custom aftermarket parts. This type of car is a large size four wheel sport utility car built on a light truck chassis; it is manufactured by the land rover in the United Kingdom. Four wheel drive means that all its four wheels are active with its engine placed in front of the vehicle passenger compartment. It has an electric tilt glass roof that makes it very executive. Unlike other land rovers, Land rover range rover has 4 doors and carries 5 passengers. This car being luxuriously manufactured you should not drive it without purchasing the hid kit; imagine driving a luxurious car with poor lighting system on either its headlights. The hid lights will just add you more class when you have cool bright lights with long life bulbs available in any of your color choice. The xenon light on this kit is made from gas unlike the old halogen lights. Installing hid kit to either your headlight is the easiest thing you could ever imagine.

The Land Rover is a vehicle of power and off road capability. We all know the Land Rover is the best vehicle for off roading, even better than Hummer’s at times. Some Land Rover models such as the Ranger Rover come with factory Xenon lights. However, if your model does not, we recommend you look into a Land Rover HID upgrade. No matter if your model is Defender, Discovery, Freelander, L2R, L3R or Ranger Rover, we have the kit for your vehicle. Our kits are easy to install, and should not take you longer than 1 hour. Please select your model below and find out what we carry for you.