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Blazer HID Kit at the best prices, when you order we ship within 24-48 hours, delivered within 36 hours from then. That allows you to receive your Blazer HID kit within 5 business days. Warranty? Yes! Our kits Carry a one year hassle free warranty. We will replace whatever is damaged from your kit without hassle to you. We make it easy for you to see the light. The blazer hid kit comes with a warranty of one year. You can receive your delivery in a period of 36 hours after placing the order. The Chevrolet blazer Hid kit is produced in a range of products including HID Kit 6000K which gives more light because it’s a xenon lights not old halogen lights, HID Kit 8000k , HID Kit 10000K, blazer HID Kit 30000K, the Digital head kit slim ballast, HID Kit wire relay Harness and lots of more blazer hid kit light bulbs. They provide extra ordinary xenon lights making the head kit of the Chevrolet perfect.