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Upgrade your headlights with a CLK HID Kit. We have fitment for years 2003-2009+ Mercedes CLK is the world’s most executive, comfortable car that is manufactured by the Mercedes Benz between the years of 1996 to 2009 this makes it the latest car since it has been undergoing transformations. It is a high performance two door large family car designed for long distance driving with its roof affixed to the body of the vehicle. It has anti-theft systems and anti-lock brakes to offer you enough safely. Anti theft systems can help you trace your car incase it gets lost. Mercedes CLK hid kit is the only thing you need for your car to make it even more luxurious. Hid kit also comes with bulbs that are very long life. HID Kits give you the option of installing true HID lights on your car that did not originally have it. You can install the hid kit for your Mercedes headlights without necessarily going to a mechanic. Hid kit is very cheap but will give you much service unlike the old halogen lights and bulbs that have short life.