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Defender HID Kit upgrade for those dim headlights. This vehicle is ment for offroading, bar-none. It is a heavy duty vehicle with power. It is a very fast moving car which you will prefer to use in covering longer distances and mountainously rugged grounds. Land Rover 563/Defender is the best car of your choice to use in driving if you want to explore the dangerous roads with plenty of pot holes. It has been redesigned in the latest technology from the Land Rover General Motors industry and it is installed with a very powerful engine system of 8.9 liters of fuel HID kit tool is a very fine functioning device has been mounted in these cars to help the drivers in minimizing the chances of prevalent accident any time as they normally drives on the road. There are HID headlamps which really assist this car driver in viewing clear position of other vehicles moving on the road, particularly during dark hours and it is installed with a very bright and wider coverage reflection HID corner lights.