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Challenger is one of the hottest new cars on the market today. Every one has been patiently waiting to see this new beast come back and tear the tar out. We are already offering Challenger HID Kit upgrades. Dont wait! Get your Challenger’s headlights up to date with our xenon upgrades that give the headlights a more meaner and sefisticated look. These kits are instock and ready to ship. Dont be left in the dark, drive into the light with xenon lighting upgrades.

Challenger hid kit have brighter lights and it is installed using xenon lights which are brighter and can easily be replaced, you will find the hid kit at a cheaper price and you are given a one year warrant so that you can be bale to replace your bulbs within a one year period without paying for it. Challenger hid kit has different quality models of bulbs like; Harness, digital slim, 30000k, 10000k, 8000k and 6000k, all this models provide three times more light on the road and it enables you see through the night and avoid causing accidents. Replace your old bulbs with challenger hid kit and you will notice the difference.