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Roadmaster HID Kit 91-97 at the best prices. We carry these Kits 91-97 and they are in stock and ready to ship. Our kits are custom for your vehicle. We stock every bulb temperature, every size, single beams duel beams, and bi-xenons. Its time to come out of the darkness, and into the light of a xenon kits. Where the light is much brighter, whiter, and longer lasting. Install our top notch Buick Roadmaster HID lights for your car for the best driving experience ever at night. Make your night time drives as comfortable and safe as those during the day. You never need to compromise on safety during the night. Go for the best HID headlights in the market. Get our high intensity discharge lights to virtually enjoy years of trouble free service. Our HID lights are very straightforward and simple to install. The connection to the old bulb has to be first removed and then the ballast harness of the HID has to be connected in its place. Our integrated one piece Ballast and simplified wiring eliminate any kind of confusion during installation. Our HID conversion kits are extremely durable and even work perfectly under wet conditions. In fact our kits have a 100% water proof construction which means that you can submerge the entire HID kit under water and it will still function perfectly.