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The Cadillac Brougham HID kit has driven the Cadillac Brougham automobile to pedestals of glory. The lights with compatible xenon augment are undoubtedly the in thing for the Cadillac in your garage or in the show room where you are yet to pick. These headlamps are completely water proof illuminating three times more than halogen lights. You need not worry about guarantee as it runs for a year. The headlamps have in the similitude of the OEM a stylish and functional illumination second to none. Those who have tasted this xenon powered lamp attest to its reliability. The Cadillac Brougham HID kit is the current talk of the town with its very sharp focus and reliability never ever seen before. With all the bulbs that you really need, consider also that the lights are affordable and fun too. Don’t be left out of the bandwagon of folks who enjoy this world class kit in their cars.