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The mini van from the Volkswagen automobiles is such a vehicle for transporting your family after a further away picnic treat or transporting of parcels and other logistics. That kind of job might take you hours on the road and maybe even late in the night, to be safe and confident in your driving you should get the Eurovan HID kit to supply you the light you need for your late night driving. The lights go for as little as $79.99 for the 6000kHID kit and $269.99 Philips HID kits 4300k or 6000k. The many HID kits selection and availability will enable you make the right choice for your vehicle. With our well equipped and motivated staff you will be cable to get the kits you want according to your specification and demand for you car. You will never go wrong when with us and our manpower something for your vehicle has to be found.