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So you own a Honda Accord. No matter what year it is, we all know they are reliable and great cars. One thing they lack is bright headlights. We have the easy solution for that, an Accord HID kit upgrade. Very simple, and anyone can do it. You take your Accord bulbs out, pop in new ones and mount the ballasts. The wires are plug and play. It will make a huge difference on your visability at night. From 1990 all the way to 2006 the Honda Accord has used 9006 bulbs for the low bea and 9005 for the high beam. Equip your Honda Accord with a new set of headlight bulbs and you’ll notice the difference! Tired of your old not so efficient factory bulbs? Just check out our offer of Xenon HID Kits, custom made for Honda Accord, both new and old models, starting with 1990 up to latest models! Our kits are not only perfectly suited for your car, but easy to install and very reliable. Designed, manufactured and tested by the best producers in the field of car lighting, we bring these HID Kits at the lowest prices on the market. Don’t miss this great opportunity of bringing your Honda to latest standards in lighting and safety!