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The s-class HID kit 06-09 has been in the market for the past few years, and for that period, it has been known to offer the best services of all time. it is on of the products of the Mercedes company, And with the credit which has been awarded to the Mercedes company, there is no doubt that the kit will work miracles for your model. The HID kit ensures that you get the best night visibility coupled with comfortable and elegant ride. With xenon which has lots of energy and power; you will have the best ride ever. It further adds style to your car, leaving it extremely stunning. In fact it has always been used as an upgrade for all types of models and with little amount of cash, you will have your car fixed with the S-class HID kit 06-09.whats more is that you can do the installation all by yourself, and within a few minutes, the whole process is done; and your car becomes a lot more newer.