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Find HID lighting products and LED for your Audi S5 model. Audi S5 is a powerful small car which is in the class of mid size cars and was introduced to the market at around 2008 .the car has standard features such as direct injection and a 4.2 liter v8 engine which provides the car with power. This engine is capable to provide a horse power of 354hp with a torque of 325 lb feet. The engine layout is front just behind the front wheels for good distribution of weight between the axles. Using Audi S5 hid kit you can save a lot in terms of energy and money. Unlike halogens bulbs, this hid bulb has been designed with the highest technology to last very long and shine with brightness. They don’t spoil or burn as a result of bumps or high current. In this way you will not find yourself replacing any hid bulb because they reliable and durable. You will not regret having installed this hid kit.