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BMW has a rich history of manufacturing some of the best vehicles over the years. But having a quality car without an excellent lighting system is not acceptable. If your car does not have xenon from factory upgrade with a 1 Series HID Kit to get more light output at nights and in bad weather. This vehicle is the compact version of the 3 series, with similar performance and design. Having a quality vehicle needs a HID kit that complements each other. We offer great variety of HID kits ranging from D1S, D1R and 6000K to 30000K. Along with these kits we offer Digital Slim ballasts which controls the flow of current to the Xenon headlights to keep them safe in case of any short circuit. We also offer Philips Xenon Hid kits which are of high quality and reliability. In the latest offering for the BMW 1 Series we offer Halo LED Angel Eye E92 E82 E87 H8. This is the most energy efficient lighting technology available in the market. All out products carry a 1 year full warranty so you don’t have to worry about any thing. We also assure that our products will outlast your vehicle as the HID lights have very long operational life.