• C-CLASS HID KIT 01-06

    C-CLASS HID KIT 01-06 (10)

    The C class W203 was made from 2001 all the way up to 2006. The W203 is a solid car that came with xenon or non xenon halogen headlights from factory. Some people choose to upgrade their C class 01-06 headlights all together, but you can also add an aftermarket HID kit for your C class. The stock C class HID kit is 4300K, most people upgrade to 6000K for that extra hint of blue. The C class W203 uses H7 bulbs on the factory headlights. If you have aftermarket projector type, it will most likely use H1.
  • C-CLASS HID KIT 07-11

    C-CLASS HID KIT 07-11 (10)

    The 2007+ C Class is an amazing looking vehicle with elegance and style. The W204 as its known was made in 2007 to present. You can get HID kits for the C class 07-09 fog lights since most will come with factory HID. You can also upgrade your 2007-2009 C class factory headlights with higher kelvin rating bulbs which will give out a more blue color.
  • C-CLASS HID KIT 94-00

    C-CLASS HID KIT 94-00 (10)

    The C class W202 is one of the more classic Mercedes Benz made from 1994 to 2000. It carries a strong body line and the perfect opportunity for headlight bulb upgrades. C class HID kit for this vehicle is easy to install, simple go behind the headlight and remove the protective cover. Choose color temperature is all up to you. Most prefer to go with a 6000K rating HID kit. Your C class W202 will look great with an HID kit.
  • CL HID KIT 00-09

    CL HID KIT 00-09 (10)

    The Mercedes CL class is a full sized car developed from the SL class roadster. It has some similarity to the S class sedan. This vehicle is the competetor to the 6 series BMW line. The CL comes in various forms such as CL500, CL600, CL63 AMG and CL65 AMG. The CL usually will come with HID lights from factory, but you can upgrade its fog lights to match the headlights. CL HID kit upgrade for the fog lights is straight foward and only requires removal of the fog lights from the bumper. Get a CL HID kit for your fog light today.
  • CLK HID KIT 03-09

    CLK HID KIT 03-09 (10)

    Upgrade your headlights with a CLK HID Kit. We have fitment for years 2003-2009+ Mercedes CLK is the world’s most executive, comfortable car that is manufactured by the Mercedes Benz between the years of 1996 to 2009 this makes it the latest car since it has been undergoing transformations. It is a high performance two door large family car designed for long distance driving with its roof affixed to the body of the vehicle. It has anti-theft systems and anti-lock brakes to offer you enough safely. Anti theft systems can help you trace your car incase it gets lost. Mercedes CLK hid kit is the only thing you need for your car to make it even more luxurious. Hid kit also comes with bulbs that are very long life. HID Kits give you the option of installing true HID lights on your car that did not originally have it. You can install the hid kit for your Mercedes headlights without necessarily going to a mechanic. Hid kit is very cheap but will give you much service unlike the old halogen lights and bulbs that have short life.
  • CLK HID KIT 98-02

    CLK HID KIT 98-02 (10)

    The CLK models include models such as the CLK350, CLK550, and CLK63 AMG. The 1996–2002 (W208) was a very popular model due to its great looks. The CLK can sometimes come with HID from factory, but if you do not have it its the perfect time to upgrade. Get CLK HID Kit 98-02 at the best prices. We carry CLK HID Kit 98-02 instock ready to ship. CLK HID Kit 98-02are custom for your vehicle.

    CLS HID KIT (10)

    The CLS comes with HID from factory, but we have some upgrades and replacements for you below: The most stunning car model that has been brought forward is the Mercedes CLS. This car is quite outstanding in its design and style. The car has an automatic transmission of seven speeds and a shift manual capability mode. It has the control modes, which control your cruising speed. It is installed with a v8 engine, which gives out a horsepower of 382.The interior part of this car is very spacious thereby guaranteeing you easy and comfort when you are turning around. The Mercedes CLS hid kit contains the hid lighting system which is very efficient in its output. The lighting system that is emitted by this Hid kit is very bright and its cuts through any dark corners to give you the brightness that you want. It is termed as an upgrade system of your automobile due to the attraction fragment that it brings. The hid lights emitted out are very friendly to the human eye and superb even in foggy climatic conditions.

    E-CLASS HID KIT 96+ (10)

    The E class W210 is one of the most popular E class models. Their are many upgrades for this vehicle such as headlights and tail lights. One of the easiest upgrades for the W210 would be an HID kit upgrade. From 1996-2002 most these E class models did not come with HID kits. Get your E class HID kit today and see better at night. We carry E-Class HID Kit 96-02 at the best prices. We carry E-Class HID Kit 96-02 instock ready to ship. E-Class HID Kit 96-02 are custom for your vehicle.

    G CLASS HID KIT (10)

    Mercedes General Motors have manufactured a very fantastic performance car which helps you drive very luxuriously on any road. Mercedes G Class is a powerful rear-four-wheel drive vehicle which helps you in covering distant places within a sudden hour. It has been redesigned in a modern Mercedes Motors manufacturing technique since it has been shell in a hard body making which is very light to prompt it moves faster and it’s not very easy to beat up easily. It has been fitted with a superior functioning HID kit gadget to help the car driver in monitoring finely on the exact position of the other vehicles on the road, especially at night time. This tool is having a very bright high intensity conversion HID lights which reflects a wider beams of light during the time of total darkness. This HID kit is having a very standard and powerful tungsten HID bulb lights which are very long lasting in their lighting ability.

    GL HID KIT (10)

    The Mercedes GL includes models such as GL320, GL420, GL450 and GL550. This is a large luxury SV designed to compete with high line models like the Ranger Rover. If you are interested in making your GL look better or if you want to see better, we recommend upgrading with aftermarket HID kits for your fog lights. The Mercedes GL is one of the cars that is well recognized due to its large size. It has a v8 engine which produces a horse power of 335.Its engine gives you a great cruising experience in any given road condition. An all wheel drive car has a steering wheel that gives you a tight gripe when you are driving. The car has upholstered seats to improve your comfort levels. The Mercedes GL hid kit is made of the xenon gas that is well known in the out put of bright lighting. The installation of this kit to your car is quite simple as you are provide with a wire harness, tow hid bulbs and 2 ballasts that you are required to use for its accurate installation. This is one of the new car upgrades that has been brought forth to improve the lighting mechanisms for your automobile. The kit comes in different sizes that you need to choose. Ensure that you have installed it in your car to give it a new design and style.
  • ML HID KIT 06-09

    ML HID KIT 06-09 (10)

    The new ML re-designed in 06 make an already great looking ML Mercedes even better. If for example your ML did not come with HID lights from factory it is the perfect time to upgrade it with an ML HID kit. ML HID kit are custom designed to fit without problems. Installing an ML HID kit can take as short as 30 minutes depending on your skill level. Don't forget you could also add and ML HID kit to your fog lights for that sweet effect at nights.
  • ML HID KIT 98-05

    ML HID KIT 98-05 (10)

    ML HID Kit 98-05 at the best prices. We carry ML HID Kit 98-05 instock ready to ship. ML HID Kit 98-05 are custom for your vehicle. The installation on an ML is very easy. Simply remove the stock H7 bulbs and replace with our high quality HID conversion kit. We recommend most ML users go with our Philips kit because the electronics on the ML are more sensative to aftermarket parts than regular cars.

    R CLASS HID KIT (10)

    There is a high mechanization concept which this car has been redesigned into concerning the Mercedes General Motors. Mercedes R Class is a very hard stylish car which is adversely complicated in its design system and it is fitted with various modern car accessories devices. This is the best car in moving fastly to whichever place you will like since it has been installed with a very extra ordinary engine system which combines three engines units. HID light kit has been perfectly installed in this car to helps the car driver to minimize the chances of causing unrealistic accidents particularly during darkness. This is a very powerful gadget which is fitted in your car to enhance it move very efficiently on the road. There is strong and wide coverage reflection HID headlamps mounted in this vehicle from its HID kit system which produces a clear vision to other vehicles which move on the same road during night hours.
  • S-CLASS HID KIT 00-05

    S-CLASS HID KIT 00-05 (10)

    If you have been ken with the automobile industry, then you should have realized by now that there has been a great improvement as far as technology is concerned. You will realize that there has been an establishment of various models and within the shortest period of time S-class HID kit 00-05 is one of the new invention in the Mercedes world. Basically Mercedes has been one of the industries with the greatest innovations in the motor industry; technology to them has been growing with a faster pace than any other company. It is for this reason that the s-class hid kit 00-05 was introduced. Being the easiest to install the 00-05 kit will bring a new beginning to your automobile. You won’t have to worry about the price, since you will spare just a little part of you pocket to acquire the kit. It also has xenon which adds fantasy to your car, leaving a lasting fantasy, which will leave folks around you amazed.

    S-CLASS HID KIT 06+ (10)

    The s-class HID kit 06-09 has been in the market for the past few years, and for that period, it has been known to offer the best services of all time. it is on of the products of the Mercedes company, And with the credit which has been awarded to the Mercedes company, there is no doubt that the kit will work miracles for your model. The HID kit ensures that you get the best night visibility coupled with comfortable and elegant ride. With xenon which has lots of energy and power; you will have the best ride ever. It further adds style to your car, leaving it extremely stunning. In fact it has always been used as an upgrade for all types of models and with little amount of cash, you will have your car fixed with the S-class HID kit 06-09.whats more is that you can do the installation all by yourself, and within a few minutes, the whole process is done; and your car becomes a lot more newer.
  • S-CLASS HID KIT 92-99

    S-CLASS HID KIT 92-99 (10)

    The S Class 1992-1999 is known as the W140. The W140 is a great car to modify and make look great with a few modifications. Headlights are a great way to modify your W140. Getting a HID kit for your W140 is a perfect upgrade. Upgrading your W140 with an HID kit is simple and cost effective. S-Class HID Kit 92-99 at the best prices. We carry S-Class HID Kit 92-99 instock ready to ship. S-Class HID Kit 92-99 are custom for your vehicle.
  • SL HID KIT 92+

    SL HID KIT 92+ (10)

    The Mercedes SL is a unique sportly coupe with hard top convertible that has amazing looks and shape. The SL came in various forums such as the SL500 SL600 or the SL55 AMG. Getting an HID upgrade for your SL headlights is a great idea if your car did not come with xenon hid. The SL HID kit comes ready to install, no tools are needed. You can opt to go with the 6000K HID Kit for best color output.

    SLC HID KIT (10)

    SLC HID comes with great features, including such things as the presence of xenon which adds more power to your lighting. This means that you will have a more comfortable and safe drive during the night since the visibility will be increased. Xenon basically is strong and provides a clearer look to your car. What’s more is that the kit has been designed in such a way that adds elegance and style to your automobile. One of its conversion kits provides 3 times more light than the traditional halogen lights. The SLC hid kit has further been constructed in a much special way since its water proof thus lasts linger. Even when submerged in water, you will be sure to have it perform. With the best prices in the market the SLC HID kit comes with hundreds of features that will make a complete turnaround to your vehicle.
  • SLK HID KIT 05+

    SLK HID KIT 05+ (10)

    SLK HID KIT 05-09 is one of the latest inventions from the Mercedes Company. It is also unique, of elegant style and most importantly of great performance. It comes in different models as well giving you a variety to choose from. The bulbs are made of xenon, giving your car a brighter look and more still, and perfect visibility especially at light. Unlike the traditional halogen bulbs, xenon has the kind of quality to rely on plus it is stylish and come in at the best prices. The installation of the SLK HID kit is a basic do it yourself activity and will only take a couple of your minutes before the whole thing is fixed. The kit has been passed through a couple of tests to ensure that it offers the best service to your car. What’s even amazing is that SLK HID Kit come with warranty against defects; you don’t have any reason to miss on this. In fact you have every reason to get one for your car today.
  • SLK HID KIT 98-04

    SLK HID KIT 98-04 (10)

    SLK HID Kit 98-04 come in with amazing features that will leave folks around you wishing they’d own one. The good thin about the 98-04 kit is that it is custom for your vehicle and come in at the best prices; in fact it comes with warranty against damages, therefore you will be assured of its performance at any cost. If you have been having problems lately, especially with visibility at night, then it will soon be a dream. With the SLK HID Kit 98-04, you will have a more comfortable ride at night. Considering the fact that the bulbs are made of xenon, you will have a clearer view since they are strong and powerful than the traditional halogen headlights. Replacements can be done at any time, once you have the KIT then you can easily do the replacement all by yourself. You have no reason whatsoever to miss out on the great offer; if anything you should be purchasing it right now!

At a glance we see the automotive industry moving at a rapid pace towards a technological epiphany. With every year cars are getting faster and trucks are getting more eco friendly. Mercedes has been one of the companies leading this technological age. One of the ways it’s leading the industry is by vehicle safety. Mercedes has introduces xenon lighting on their vehicles to allow their customers to be able to have better night visibility. Mercedes HID Kit have been one of the best advances in lighting technology. Mercedes HID Kit have been on the market for a few years, Mercedes introduces them as an OEM upgrade on certain models of their vehicles. But the aftermarket industry is what brought the Aftermarket Mercedes HID kit to all other consumers that do not have the Mercedes xenon as an option from the factory. Aftermarket Mercedes HID Kit are designed to be a complete plug and play for Mercedes cars, SUVs, and minivans. They come in many different bulb sizes such as; H1, H3, H4, H7, h13, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, D1S, D2S, H1, H3, H4-1, H7, 9004-1, 9005, 9006, 9007-1.