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Kia Magentis Lights are designed by the Original Equipment Manufacturers and are therefore guaranteed to fit into the vehicle like the original equipment. This is because they are made with the direct bolt-on design which ensures that the installation is not only convenient but also very easy. The types of lights that are available for Kia Magentis include the running board lights, the headlights, the tail lights and the corner lights. The running board lights can be positioned anywhere along the boards of the vehicle and provide extra lighting for the driver. They are available in 4 LED lights with 2 on each side and a wiring harness. The headlights are of the high beam type and are DOT and SAE approved. They are of high quality and include the bulbs. The tail lights on the other hand are of high quality and are DOT and SAE approved and also include bulbs. The corner lights are available for both the passenger side of the vehicle and the driver’s side of the vehicle. Other available Kia Magentis Lights are fog lights, headlights, parking lights, side marker lights and signal lights.