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TrailBlazers were a way that Chevy can provide SUV capabilities to the American public that just wanted a vehicle that would get them through the snowy winters, or their muddy terrains, without being to oversized, and too overly expensive when it comes to gas consumption. We provide Trailblazer HID kit upgrades for all year ranges. They are in stock and ready to ship.

TrailBlazer HID kit is a conversion for your vehicle that provides 3 times as much light on the road as the traditional halogen headlights! 100% plug-n-play! Top quality made in Germany. These HID kits are made under the strictest quality control within the ISO-90001 certified factory. Xenon lights’ ballasts and bulbs in 6000K, for example have passed the most stringent OEM specific test by OSRAM of Germany. All Xenon kits sold have a 1 year warranty. These light bulbs are 100% water proof and can be submerged in water and function correctly. TrailBlazer Xenon kits’ one piece ballast, simplified wiring eliminates any unnecessary confusion during install. TrailBlazer HID kits failure rates stand at 0.3% TrailBlazer Xenon kits’ lumen output are superior to Bosch Japan light bulbs. The HID kits’ color temperature indicates the hue of light source. These light bulbs were tested and found to be the most reliable and offers the highest brightness.