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You have a Honda Del Sol, but you haev horribly dim lights when driving at night. Get yourself a Honda Delsol HID kit. Del Sol HID Kit 93-97 at the best prices. We carry Del Sol HID Kit 93-97 instock ready to ship. Del Sol HID Kit 93-97 are custom for your vehicle. Ever wandered what upgrade could make your Honda CR-X Del Sol convertible look even better? What about replacing your old factory headlight bulbs with a set of brand new, top quality xenon bulbs? Just check out our offer for HID kits, custom made to meet the requests of your Del Sol! Your car will definitely look better, and you’ll also gain a top lighting system, designed and tested specifically for your Honda model. These Xenon HID kits will also do a great job for boosting your car’s safety standard! Try our offer now, we have several models at the best prices out there!