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If you are looking for a standard lighting then the A8 HID kit is the best option for your car. They have a long span of about 3000 hours compared to the halogen bulb that only gives you 250 hours. Not forgetting to mention the vigorous tests that they have gone through just to ensure that they are of a quality standard that can stand more vibrations and shaking than the halogen bulbs. The various models offer your car a unique lighting and they are economical for they are pocket friendly and affordable. They also use very low end electrical parts and come with a one year warranty.

A8 HID Kit 94-03 at the best prices. We carry A8 HID Kit 94-03 in stock ready to ship. A8 HID Kit 94-03 are custom for your vehicle. Some quick info about HID kits. They emit 300% more light then standard lighting. They have longer life span of 3000 hours, compared to 250 hours of the halogen bulb. Last but not least the xenon bulb is put through a rigorous testing, they are tougher and can stand more punishment of shaking and vibrations then the halogen bulb.